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The Ripple Affect

The Distinct Advantage that Explodes Your Bottom Line

Do you feel like your business doesn’t even pay you for the hard work that you put in? Would you prefer a phenomenal business that works for you? Like an army of money making you even more money?

Then welcome to The Ripple Affect, where the littlest actions you take make the biggest impact.

Hi, I’m Adrian Pon the world’s only expert that can show you how to monetise social entrepreneurism like no one else.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could generate a marketing campaign that has customers lining up to see you? Whilst making the world a better place at the exact same time?

I have studied the world’s foremost experts like Richard Branson, Melinda & Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey & many more agents of change that are now making even more money from their efforts to change the world we live in.

Have you ever noticed how there are only two types of things in the media, bad news and then the total polar opposites like Red Nose Day, Movember, Clean Up Australia Day etc.

What if you could have a campaign that gets truckloads of media attention to your business and becomes a massive lead funnel for you to get more customers and buckets of cash?

You know it’s possible to market you business for free right now with the advent of billion dollar social media networks, but you just haven’t quite tapped into the right sequence to funnel that traffic your way.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the distinctive edge over your competitors so that you become so different that you never have to work as hard ever again?

Well you’re going to love this one day intensive training where we dive in and tinker around inside your business, to find the seven strategies that will shape your future including:

1. Effective Giving: Contribute in a way the increases your sales and cash flow.
2. Sensational Service: Creating a customer experience that has your customers marketing your business for you.
3. Empowering Employment: Where staff build, protect and invest their time into your business like it is their own.
4. Inspirational Innovation: Package yourself in a way that customers see you as the only option to work with.
5. Creating Change: Leading the cause and getting massive media attention.
6. Setting Standards: Set a new bar for your industry so that your competition looks like they are stuck in the 1980’s
7. Intentional Investing: Invest to save and make more money passively, once you make all the money from the first 6 steps you need it to make more money right?

Your business is your future; the number one way to create wealth in the world right now is your business. Isn’t it time you invested in making a change that will add to your bottom line?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bounce out of bed in the morning and know that you have enough money to do anything you ever wanted, like take your loved ones on holidays and whilst on holidays you saw someone who was suffering you could afford to lend them a helping hand?

You know the only thing standing between you and making this happen for yourself is the people you surround yourself with.

Think about it for a moment, do you think Bill & Melinda Gates hangs out at the local café or at second grade business networking events looking for business advice?

Then why would you?

When you come along to the full day training “The Ripple Effect” you will find yourself surrounded by information and processes, that have been designed for profit by the world’s biggest change makers.

Inside this one day you will also be taking away with you:

1. The exact strategy that social entrepreneurs use to monetise their marketing like no one else.
2. The process to become a marketing magnet that attracts a loyal community of customers who spread your message like wildfire.
3. The proven formula for making your business more engaging and fun for you and your loyal customers.
4. How to leave a legacy that will last for longer than you will!
5. Uncover how to do all this for a 1/50th the cost than anyone else knows how to.

The training will cost you a measly $97 for a full on day of mind blowingly simple strategies that will explode your business. Isn’t it time you got what you deserved in this life?

If you already know this is a match, go ahead now and register interest right now! or email

It’s a given that without any action there can be no results, and in this lifetime you’ve gotta be furiously focused on taking exactly the right actions that get you the laser focused results.

When you join with me in creating this life changing business you will not only be making that decision for you, you will be making it for those around you.

Think about this, if you don’t step up and do this, who do you know that will? And if you don’t do it RIGHT NOW then when will you?

It’s time to buckle your seatbelt and strap yourself in, because this face paced path to profits is going to shake your world up in all the right sorts of ways.

Go ahead NOW and get signed up for the day that it all changes!

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